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My Boy GBA Emulator Apk Games List

My boy Emulator Games – There is a huge list of Game boy advance games which will be difficult to mention all of them here. But we still sharing some important My boy emulator games according to latest years.

GBA is the game boy advance games by Nintendo. They just make games not the emulators. My Boy is the emulator to play GBA games. We have been playing GBA games since our childhood like Mario and Pokemon. Games by them are complete love. Even today playing these old games gives a lot of fun.

So below we are providing the list to latest 50 games released by GBA.

My boy Emulator Games

My boy Emulator Games


1Pokemon Ultra Violet2013
2Pokemon Jupiter – 6.042009
3Pokemon White Version By MB Hacks GoombaV2.22007
4Final Fantasy 6 Advance2007
5Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Pack2006
6Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2006
7Avatar – The Last Airbender GBA2006
8Battle B-Daman2006
10Yu-Gi-Oh – GX Duel Academy2006
11Yu-Gi-Oh – Ultimate Masters 20062006
13Final Fantasy 5 Advance2006
14Justice League Heroes – The Flash2006
15Legend Of Spyro, The – A New Beginning2006
16Lego Star Wars 2 –  The Original Trilogy2006
17Megaman Battle Network 6 -Cybeast Gregar2006
18Naruto – Ninja Council2006
19Mother -32006
20Pokemon Emerald Version2005
21Stars Wars Episode 3 – Revenge Of the Sith2005
22Teen Titans2005
23Sims 2, The2005
24Shonen Jumps – One Piece2005
25Bat-Man Begins2005
26Ultimate Spider-Man2005
27WarioWare – Twisted2005
28Yu-Gi-Oh – 7 Trials To Glory – World Championship2005
292 in 1 – Paperboy Rampage2005
30Donkey kong Country 32005
31Dragonball GT – Transformation2005
32Final Fantasy 4 Advance2005
33Fire Emblem – The Sacred Stones2005
34Harvest Moon – More Friends Of Mineral Town2005
35Legends Of Zelda, The – Minish Cap2005
36LEGO Star Wars – The Video Game2005
37Mario Party Advance2005
38Mario Tennis Advance – Power Tour2005
39Megaman Zero 42005
40The Legends Of Zelda – Minish Cap2005
41Pokemon Versione Smeraldo2005
42Fire Emblem – Sealed Sword2005
43Pokemon – Fire Red Version2004
44Pokemon Leaf Green Version2004
45Spongebob Squarepants – The Movie2004
46Spider-Man 22004
47Sonic Advance 32004
48Power Rangers – Dino thunder2004
49Pokemon Black – Special Palace Edition2004
50Pokemon – Volume 32004

I am sure you would have liked this list for sure. No worries we will increase the list count with all the latest updates. So do visit again to check them out.

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