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My Boy APK

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My Boy Apk – Free GBA Emulator Latest Version For Android

My Boy APK – It is an advanced emulator used to run the Gameboy advance games on Android devices. We will be defining it in details but first of all, you need to understand the below terms.

Gameboy advance games is a video game system developed by Nintendo. It is handheld video game system. The number of games in the game boy system is 1074. You can check the list of all games from the wiki page.

An emulator can be any hardware or software that allows one computer system to act like another system. That means emulator function is to allow the software run on the host system designed for the guest system.

So what we need to know now is what exactly my boy Apk will be doing for you.

My Boy APK is the super fast and full-featured GBA Emulator to run the Gameboy Advance Games on all the android devices from low-end mobile phones to high-quality latest and modern tablets. It can run on the broadest range of Android devices. It also supports link emulation with good speed.

My Boy APK

My Boy APK Download



Latest Version1.8.0
File Size1.78 MB
DeveloperFast Emulator
Downloads10 M+
Supported VersionsAndroid 2.3 and Above
PriceFree Version
RootNot Required
Languages Supportedca, da, fa, ja, ka, pa, ta, nb, be, de, ne, te, af, bg, th, fi, hi, si, vi, kk, mk, sk, uk, el, gl, ml, nl, pl, sl, tl, am, km, bn, in, kn, mn, ko, lo, ro, sq, ar, fr, hr, mr, sr, tr, ur, bs, cs, es, is, ms, et, it, lt, eu, gu, hu, ru, zu, lv, sv, iw, sw, hy, ky, my, az, uz, fr_CA, en_GB, zh_HK, zh_CN, pt_BR, es_US, pt_PT, zh_TW
Supported File Format.gba, .bin and .zip
Download LinkMy Boy Apk Download

Features Of My Boy Apk

  • User Interface design is very clean and simple.
  • It is the fastest Emulator available for Game Boy.
  • It saves your battery to the maximum in comparison to other emulators.
  • It can run all the Gameboy games with high compatibility.
  • All the cheat codes like Gameshark works perfectly on it while you running the game.
  • You can fast forward all the long stories to go fast to play the levels.
  • We can also slow down the game from normal speed to get clear the difficult levels easily.
  • We can create shortcuts to our fav games to launch fast from home screen.
  • You can take game screenshots at any time and save it.
  • We can save the game at any levels or stage and resume further from where we left.
  • It can create and switch to different mapping Profiles.
  • External controllers are also available as MOGA controllers.
  • It has a high level of BIOS emulation and you are totally free from BIOS file hence no BIOS file needed.
  • It has cool Video filters with the support of GLSL Shaders.
  • Patching of IPS files on ROM also available in it.
  • Availability of screen layout editor to change the position and size of buttons as well as game video.

How To Install My Boy Apk

  1. Just download the apk file from the download link available and install it on your device.
  2. A shortcut will be created on your home screen.
  3. Now browse to the games you have placed on your SD card with the help of this app.
  4. And you can now play it very easily and use all features and hacks of it.

Android Version Supported By My Boy App

  • Gingerbread 2.3 and above
  • Honeycomb 3.x and above
  • Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above
  • Jelly Bean 4.1 and above
  • KitKat 4.4 and above
  • Lollipop 5.0 and above
  • Marshmallow 6.0 and above
  • Noughat X.X

Some Facts To Know About My Boy Apk

My Boy GBA Emulator Free version or paid version does not include any game in it. To Play the game it has to be saved on your SD card or on phone.

GBA Emulator is compatible with almost all the Gameboy games and even with Pokemon game series.

On the Settings Menu of the App, you can control many features like sounds, graphics etc.

My Boy GBA Emulator APK

My Boy GBA Emulator APK

Difference Between Paid And Free Version Of My Boy Apk



Ad Free.It Contains Ads.
You can save the game at any point time.You cant save the game at any point time.
Saved games on device can be continued on others.Games Cant be saved on one device.
Sync is available with google drive.Cant sync with google drive.
Fast Forward available up to 16x.Fast Forward available at 2x.
Multiple Code lines in one cheat available.Single line code in Cheat available.
Tilt Sensor emulation through android motion sensors.Tilt sensor not available.
You can link it up, as a server with your friend.No such option available.
You can create multiple screen layout profiles.You can create multiple accounts.

System Requirements

  • Android Version 2.3 and above
  • Minimum 128 MB Ram
  • Free Space required installing this app 10 MB.
  • No Internet required playing games.


  1. Photos/Media/Files – My Boy Apk Can read, modify or delete the content of your USB Storage.
  2. It can view your Wi-Fi Connections and network connections.
  3. It can access your Bluetooth settings.
  4. It has permission for your Full Network Access.
  5. It can control Near Field Communication and also vibration.

What are those Above Permissions For

  • Access to the internet is needed to show ads.
  • Access to WiFi and Bluetooth connections is needed to emulate between different devices.
  • Have Access to Google account to sync with Google drive.
  • Device cameras access to emulate Game boy camera.
  • Read and write on storage to able to load them back with other emulators too.

How to Link Two Devices

Devices can be linked to other devices either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


  1. On one of the device, choose in the MENU ‘Link remote’  Option then Wi-Fi (server).
  2. A “waiting for incoming connection” Dialog will be displayed, with IP address and port number on it.
  3. Then on the other device choose ‘Wi-Fi (client)’, and in the upcoming Dialog, input the IP address and port number that is being displayed on the server device. If everything goes right, you will get connected.


  1. First, Power on your Bluetooth on your Android device.
  2. It will display a “Waiting for incoming connection” Dialog.
  3. Now a list of Bluetooth devices will show up, where you can select a device you want to connect to.
  4. If you are not able to see the device you want to connect in the list, click the ‘Make discoverable’ button on that device, and then click the ‘Scan for devices’ button again on the client device. The server device will then appear in the device list.
  5. Select it and it will connect yo you. If you have not paired the two devices as of before, you may be asked to pair in the middle of the connection process with temporary password option.

Supported Cheat Systems

  • GameShark v1&v3 Format (XXXXXXXX YYYYYYYY)
  • Code Breaker Format (XXXXXXXX YYYY)

You can put all these cheat codes in MENU > Cheat


Q) Why Cant Buy Paid Version On Google Play Store?

A) Google Play Store is only Platform the paid version is being sold. The country where Google wallet not accepting payments you have to sacrifice for free version there.

Q) Are the games inside the My Boy Apk?

A) No games are not in it and you have to obtain them yourself on your storage in a legal way.

Q) Can two Different Games across two different devices be linked?

A) Yes for sure you can link two different games over two different devices. But you should take care that both the games files are available on both the devices.

Q) Why encounter lags every few seconds when connected to Wi-Fi?

A) If it lags for seconds but still it will run smoothly for rest of time. You can also try Disable background Sync from system settings.

Q) Why It crashes on my phone regularly?

A) Its known issue to us with certain models of ARMv6 Devices. We have made best effort to reduce it but still may happen in rare cases.

Q) When I press Right+ A It stuck down?

A) Full multi-touch support is not there on your device. Choose Settings > Layouts to reposition your screen controls.

Q) Why can’t I press 2 and 3 buttons at same time?

A) One reason is might your device not support multi-touch. Else your touch screen cannot recognize more than 3 points at the same time. In that case, you may want to map one of the game buttons to hardware buttons. Go To Settings > Input settings > Key Mappings.

Q) How To patch a ROM?

A) Put the IPS/UPS file in the same directory as the ROM file is in. They must have the same base name. For example, if your ROM file is named ABCD.gba, then your patch file must be named ABCD.ips or

To reduce game startup time, you can also patch a game permanently. Long press on the game you want to patch in the game list and choose ‘Patch’ in the popup menu. It will create a new patched file.

Q) Where are the save files located? Can I transfer them to my new phone?

A) Game save files is named as XXXX.sav, in the same directory as the game file is in.

States save files are named as  in /MyBoy/save/ directory on your default memory card.

So you can continue your games by simply copying those files to your new device.

Official Details Of My Boy App

Developer – Fast Emulator

Official WebsiteClick Here

Contact Email[email protected]

Address Of Developer – 30255, 1st PL, S Federal Way, WA. 98003

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